Monday, August 25, 2008

Our News

Four boys in football. One husband coaching. 3 unhappy little ones who are being led around by the nose to every venue requiring our attendance.

You would have enjoyed watching us register our oldest boys (twin 14 yo) at school orientation. The boys wanted us all to come! They will be taking 4 classes in order to be eligible to play sports. Funny thing is, they can't take any core classes!

Anyway, the funniest thing about orientation was seeing my boys proudly carrying and showing off their little siblings. After getting their locker assignments, the boys threw the little ones in their lockers one-by-one to see if they would fit inside! LOL! That was a funny sight. I just begged them to please not lock the just never know, kwim??

Needless to say, we were quite a sight to everyone there.

Also, we have been running the football player boys here and there to practice. The little ones become so cranky and tired from being out of their usual schedule. Poor dears..

I am doing well w/ thyroid and iron supplementation to correct those problematic issues. If anyone needs a good iron supplement, I HIGHLY recommend Floradix (I use the tablets) and Enzymatic Therapies Liquid Liver Extract gelcaps along w/ chlorophyll capsules. That combo brought my hemoglobin count up 3.7 points in just 6 weeks! Which is a great blessing BECAUSE.....

I am pregnant!

We just found out yesterday. Everyone is so delighted. Our youngest is 3 years old, so this is the longest we have not had a baby in the house. My boys are hoping for twins, a boy and girl, so my daughter can have a sister and they can have another boy to join their ranks. Needless to say, our daughter is praying like crazy for a girl!

I had to share our exciting news.


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Angela said...


I clicked here from WTM- love the blog and your family is adorable! I will be back!

Dana said...


LOL Dana