Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yummy Recipe Idea

Pizza Rolls
So, my grand idea of cleaning the kitchen for one hour per day (see previous entry), crashed royally. That story is a whole new blog entry in itself, so stay tuned (LOL). However, I had to jump in really quickly and share a great recipe idea, as well as one of my favorite websites:

Vickilynn Haycraft at Real Food Living blog, posted a delicious recipe (pictured at the beginning of the blog entry). It features the cinnamon roll idea, yet converts its sweetness to savory. It sure looked great to me! I also thought it would be a great make-ahead meal for those of you looking for options there.

The possibilities are endless for this food roll. You could add convenience by using prepackaged frozen bread dough. Canned pizza dough would also be ideal.
It is my desire to make wonderful meals to nourish my family. However, I have not always been in the season to do so. Health issues, schedules, other obligations and such can at times put things on the backburner, so to speak.
I pray you are in a good season of life at this time, and if not, that you are seeing God's hand in your circumstances. Have hope! He will see you through it all.
Is there just one, simple thing you can do today to make your home a nicer place to live? How about:
1) Decluttering a hotspot or doing the Flylady Home Blessing (see Flylady).
2) Wash your windows, either on the inside or outside, or both! Or, just wash that one window that has dust, fingerprints, and smears on it.
3) Make your bed.
4) Help your children tidy their rooms.
5) Freshly cut flowers or even weeds! I usually send my daughter outside to search for selected flowers and weeds to make a nice arrangement. We use various size mason jars to display our bouquets.
6) Make a nice meal or batch of cookies to nourish your family (and to distribute a pleasant aroma throughout your home!)
Just do one thing today that is different from what you do everyday.

Keep in mind that there are other homemakers doing the very same thing. You are the unsung heroes who make home a refuge and haven.

Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Order in the Kitchen

Summer has presented a quandry to me. My kitchen is a mess!!!!! Why is it that my house becomes absolutely and totally "high maintenance" when summer arrives. Besides the humidity and dirt that comes in the house, our activity level changes, and I am usually not in a cleaning routine.

Well, I'm hoping to tackle the kitchen this week, in the spirit of Flylady. I urge you to take a peak at her website if you haven't already.

It is my aim to spend at least 1 hour per day cleaning and organizing. I liked this link for organizing: http:// It's very simple and to the point.

So, I must now depart and go to the kitchen to clean up the mess from supper.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! We sure are.