Saturday, August 9, 2008

And we're baaack!......sorry about the delay in posting! It is, after all, "summer."

It seemed sensible to me that this entry should reveal updates of our family's summer so far.

It has been a cool summer here in Michigan! We have not been able to enjoy the beach that often. Only one day has worked out for us to spend time at our favorite, family-friendly beach.

We have picked raspberries (from Grandma's berry patch), picked strawberries, worked on school (summer "lite" schedule), cleaned and organized the house a little more, and transported the boys to summer football workouts w/ the high school freshman team.

I am in dire need to take a block of time to work on our fall school schedule. I will be teaching 6 children. One is a preschooler, so that won't be so tough, but the others will require me to prepare a plan of some sort. We keep things very simple and uncluttered (when it comes to school anyway :o), so it isn't hard to organize once I get started.

The biggest transition into fall school mode will be the oldest boys', the twins, course schedule. I am outsourcing Spanish, Biology, and "maybe" history (I am quite possessive of history, however. I'm still thinking about that one). It was my intention to begin a "Greats Books" study with them this fall. We would start the classical education format 3-year cycle with studying Ancient times. I love ancient literature (yes...I am a geek...and proud of it!). Even my boys love the gore and violence of ancient literature, namely The Aeneid.

My 11 year old boy's schedule is well-determined from this vantage point. Yet I am struggling over whether we should continue Latin or not. Our main hindrance is "t-i-m-e." I do believe Latin is wonderful for teaching an understanding of grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Did you know that students who study Latin have higher (on average) SAT scores?

Much of the younger children already are doing their studies for the fall schedule. I need to determine further their memorization work. We have learned many poems in the past (mainly Robert Frost), and I'd like to work on more of that. They have learned excellent public-speaking and verbal skills from memory work.

But...the hammer will fall begins NEXT WEEK. (yikes...panic). It will be rush, rush, work, work, run, run, etc...

As Ricky Ricardo used to say on the "I Love Lucy" show, "LUUUUCY!"

So, that's where we are.

It has been a blessing to be sprinkled with the company of friends this summer. We are expecting some visitors this week.

Hope your summer is progressing well!

Hey, one more thing... Don't forget about the Perseid meteor shower next week! Here is a link for more information about it: Perseid Meteor Shower. How about waking your kids at 2:00 am (during the meteor shower) and taking them outside for an awesome display of God's handiwork! This would be a great memory for all.

Oh, one more thing (laugh). I just wanted to tell you all about my 3 year old boy who is as stubborn as a mule. He threw a literal blow-out tantrum at Sam's Club the other day. After having 7 children, this doesn't phase me a bit. I just looked at him and said "This does not embarrass me, and is that *all* you got?!!!!" I lost my pride when it comes to these things (children's unpredictable behavior at times) a long time ago! LOL! No, really, he was tired...I'll give him that much. He settled down after his brother took him to the van, kicking and screaming. That was my fun this week!



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