Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Homemade Handwriting Lessons

If you didn't notice, there is a new icon posted in the sidebar for your reference. It is Donna Young's website for homeschoolers.

Yesterday I was there investigating a few things when I came across a recent idea added to Donna's site. It was regarding penmanship.

I hate to spend money on penmanship books, though using these books is convenient for daily practice and perfecting of handwriting skills. Though the books are usually under $20 each, they add up when considering the number of books needed.

I have 3 students who will be practicing penmanship this coming fall. That would add another $50 to our homeschooling order. Ouch. In comes Donna Young's idea.

It's called Homemade Handwriting Lessons Using A Composition Notebook.

As homeschoolers we know that you can either buy, borrow, or make your own materials when necessary. This is one of those instances where you can make your own penmanship book.

Donna recommends purchasing an inexpensive composition notebook, a frequent member of many homeschooling households, and use it as a base book for cutting and pasting in computer-made handwriting fonts.

The more I thought about it (this was spurred by the fact that our printer ink is running low :o), I could take old, used penmanship books that I have filed away, and cut out the instructional parts and paste them into the composition notebook!

I will leave space for the student to practice these new lessons on the page.

This could be done w/ any old workbook, even those that do not feature penmanship. Talk about a great way to recycle! My relatives who lived during the Depression would be very impressed with this!

If you view the link for the Homemade Handwriting Lessons Using a Composition Notebook, you will understand what I am trying to explain.

It takes a little work, but what a great idea!

Donna Young's site is a veritable goldmine for homeschoolers in need of a variety of forms, ideas, and wisdom. Check it out!



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