Friday, May 16, 2008

All In A Day's Work

So, today is the day we decide to plant our garden.

The soil is tilled up and prepared. The seeds are sorted.

I head out the door with Greyson (11), Elijah (9), Rachel (7), John (almost 5), & Samuel (2 1/2).

The littler ones go on their merry way to play while Greyson, Rachel, & I get the seeds planted. Rachel is thrilled to have her own raised bed for flowers and one pumpkin plant. Greyson asked permission to use 1/2 of one of the raised beds for his own.

The next thing you know, Rachel and Greyson are arguing over the pumpkin seeds.

As this commences, I survey the area for John and Sam.

"Where are John and Sam?" I ask Elijah.
"They're headed up to the fort," Elijah responds.
"Get them down here! They can't go up there alone!" I exclaim.

All seems to be fine. Greyson and Rachel have worked things out with the pumpkin seeds, and we manage to haul Sam and John down our very large hill (kicking and protesting!) back to the yard for better supervision rather than losing them to the woods.

After a messy and complex job of untangling 3 long hoses (that were left out all winter), I decide to see if they are still operable (after wiping the slime off my hands). Greyson takes one and hooks it to the faucet. It works. We then attach another hose to reach the garden and discover it is clogged and not working. As I attempt to disconnect the hoses, the blockage had put the water under a lot of pressure. When the hoses were unhooked a massive spray erupted and dampened Sam. Greyson and I look at each other, both of us thinking "GREAT!"

Sam, in turn, discovers how well the water that covers him mixes with the dirt (already on him) as well as the dirt on the ground. He begins to decorate his face with it. What a mess!

It occurs to me that Elijah is now missing. He decided it was more fun to play with his Legos than work outside.

"Elijah, get outside or you will be grounded from your Legos for one week!" I demand. This threat speaks plainly and clearly to Elijah, who loves his Legos with all of his heart. He comes running outside.

In the meantime, I realize that John and Sam are out of sight...AGAIN.

And so it goes.....

We did eventually get the seeds planted and watered, the children washed and cleaned up, and my nerves under control (grin).

This is, for us, all in a day's work.



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