Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ambidextrous Chainsaw Filing

I have receive my first complaint email. It was from my dad :o). Technically, it was not a complaint, but a helpful inquiry.

After nagging him to subscribe to the blog (I thought it was his responsibility as my father :O), he kindly did so. Many of the articles here are not going to be helpful to him (grin), so he requested some informational material for those blog readers like himself.

So, Dad, here ya go.....

This is an article entitled "Ambidextrous Chainsaw Filing". I just know it will be right up your alley. You may also want to check out the list of articles at the site featuring this article, Backwoods Home. From building a fence out of free wood pallets to building stone walls...they've got all kinds of helpful and educational articles!

Dad, I will also work on blog entries that feature physical fitness and nutrition info. All my education and work experience as a personal trainer/aerobics instructor/nutrition consultant have not gone to waste!

Speaking of work, my oldest twin sons are out pounding the pavement in their pursuit of employment. They have already been offered one job (a place willing to hire the both of them!), but it was not going to fit what they were looking for. Last week they walked miles around our city filling out applications and speaking with business managers. I think this is a great learning experience for them.

In the meantime, I and the littler ones are working hard at keeping our chickens in the yard, doing school, keeping the house tidy, and planting flowers.

Enjoy the day!



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