Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yahoo! Spring Has Arrived!

I say this with much caution and trepidation. In Michigan, the weather can turn on you in seconds. The winter stuff remains in the closet, at the ready. However, we shall enjoy it all the same :o).

After yesterday's entry, I realized at that writing pace, I may exhaust the limit of words known to man, so here is a simple list of 3 homeschooling tips for the day):

1) House expectations should be understood and reinforced. Perhaps you have your own list or another reference (ex: The 21 Rules of This House). These expectations should reinforce independence and be self-motivating. Take the pressure off yourself and put it on the child to do what is necessary. This is where behavioral consequences are of much importance!

2) Have daily habits mastered before any schooling occurs: personal grooming, spiritual habits, chores/work (very important!!), and early to bed/early to rise (according to your own family's schedule).

3) It is important to remain "Spock-like with a smile" (remember Star Trek?) It is an ugly thing to see a mom freaking out and nagging her child (just ask my boys about their experiences :O).

It is my opinion that these 3 things are of crucial to help streamline the school environment as well as the keep the home somewhat orderly. Obviously, I am not perfect and don't often measure up to my own standards. We get tired, bored (the "Groundhog Day" sort of bored), and sick, which can change the home dynamics. When this happens, we just pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, roll with the punches, and keep running the race.

Have a great, blessed day! I know we will :o)

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