Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sick and Tired

What should one do when one is sick and tired, in the midst of early pregnancy? Rest. Rest. Rest.

I'm getting better at dealing with early pregnancy (it just took me a few times to practice..grin). It has been my experience that pushing myself to do more, despite the awful sensations of nausea and fatigue, is not helpful. It can actually worsen those undesirable symptoms.

So, I just sleep and rest in bed.

"What, pray, do the other children do while I am reclining" you ask? Yes, and keep in mind that my 14 year old twin boys are absent from the picture here and in school. Well, this is when the oldest child steps up to receive his promotion in the family.

Today, I announced to the younger 5 children, that they would be put in slightly different circumstances for awhile. Greyson, their 11 year old brother, would now be in charge of their safety and well-being. They are to listen and obey him, or it will mean terrible consequences for them. If he asks them to stand on their heads, then they must do so, and quickly.

Picture 5 children standing before me, all in a row like stairsteps. One of those children in particular, has the biggest smile on his face after hearing this news. He has just grown a few inches taller and become even more helpful and responsible. Can you guess which one? Laugh!

The others are slouching slightly, scuffing their feet on the ground. Realizing the announcement, they must make a decision: listen to their older brother, whom they have enjoyed many years of good sibling rivalry or deny his leadership and authority.

I tell them the choice is obvious.

As I lay in agony on my bed, my dear 11 year old comes in to check on me. He states rather confidently that I look very pale and white. He then offers to make me a few fried eggs. It is his opinion that I should eat some protein. I decide that this is a good suggestion.

He arrives a few minutes later with a plate of steaming eggs, the salt shaker, and a stool to use as a bedside table. "Should I get you some water, Mom?" he asks. I tell him "no thanks", since the thought of drinking water sends me into convulsions.

After eating the eggs, I did indeed feel a bit stronger and was able to sit up in bed. The blood then slowly redistributed itself properly throughout my body and enabled me to rise and make lunch. I used our leftover supper to make a nice, beef soup.

Here is our crockpot recipe for dinner:

1 beef roast (I used chuck)
1 large onion, sliced into rings
15 medium-sized white potatoes, scrubbed
10 carrots, peeled, halved and cut into long strips
1/2 cup Bragg's Liquid Aminos (the best stuff in the world...a soy sauce substitute that has an awesome flavor)
1 cup of water

Place the beef and carrots in the bottom of the crockpot. Layer onions next, and then add potatoes. Pour the Bragg's and water over the top of it all. Turn crockpot on high and cook for 3-4 hours (depending on the temperament of your crockpot). Serve w/ potato toppings (we like cottage cheese, butter, chives, etc.)

The next day, I reheated the contents of the leftovers the next morning and at lunchtime, I cut the potatoes and carrots into cubes (right in the pot) and removed the leftover meat and chopped it into soup-sized pieces. I added some water to make it into a soup. A little salt and pepper and voila! A delicious soup for lunch.

I then retired back to bed for a nap with my 3 year old. I'm praying the soup will settle well in my disagreeable stomach!

And...thanks to all of our dear friends who are transporting boys to football practice so I don't have to. Thanks to my dear husband for arranging this.



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