Monday, June 2, 2008

Next Time, Do That In The Woods

Last Sunday evening we were with a gathering of friends. Our children accompanied us and looked forward to hanging out with the other children who would be at this get-together.

It was a lovely, late afternoon and the host family decided that we should all move to their deck and have an outside meeting.

The children played on the lawn below as the adults had fellowship together. It was going very well, the bigger boys were playing a game of football while the smaller children shoveled and plowed in the sandbox. No one seemed inclined to wander out of the yard, and the situation was content . Until....

During a quiet, reflective moment with our friends, the host family's oldest son said rather clearly and plainly, "John, next time go pee in the woods!" (John is our 5 year old, by the way)

We all just looked at each other...My husband & I specifically exchanged a "we know perfectly what is going on" kind of glance. Then came the laughter.

At this point and time in our family life, my husband and I have learned to have quite a sense of humor over moments such as these, and we seldom experience embarrassment anymore! I think we are getting used to it! (However, stay tuned...this could change at any time)

For such a time as this we all had a laugh!



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M. Stevenson said...

I had a similar experience only it was on the beach, and my son was pooping only about 6 feet away from everyone's blankets while the grown ups were napping. I was with my family, and everyone thought it was hilarious. When you gotta go, you gotta go!