Monday, June 9, 2008

Homeschooling Semantics

I love this humorous cartoon by Bruce Tinsley that was in the recent edition of our area homeschool newsletter. The main thought of the cartoon was about the homeschooled kid's vocabulary and whether or not he/she would assimilate in their mainstream peer group.

We had an example of one particular homeschooled kid's semantics that very day.

Malcom (14) announced that he would like to inquire and follow up on some of his submitted job applications. He mentioned a few of the establishments he had applied to, among them a small restaurant in town called "Morsels."

Malcom went on to describe that he liked to work at this eatery and that it was a small, quaint place.

Greyson (11) commented with this statement: "Uh, duh! Morsels, meaning *very small*, *tiny*..... hence, the name "Morsels." (He used his fingers to represent quotation marks to emphasize the word "Morsels", similar to how Austin Powers did in his movies)

I just burst out laughing upon hearing that interchange between an older brother and his younger nemesis.

I don't think I have heard anyone use the word "hence" in a long while.



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