Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life Transitions's not a word that sits well with some of us. Would it not be easier if we could just have consistency every day and not have to worry about doing anything differently?

I don't think so.

Now, I used to think change was bad. Au contraire!

God is teaching me that "Change" is all for Him and His glory. Seriously. Change is HARD. But God can see us through.

All these years (12 of them), I have been homeschooling and having babies. The babies are growing up, and I am not homeschooling (with the exception of my preschooler, to whom I read and teach to write...but that's not school, that's fun!). Now, I am sitting in a coffee shop, sipping cafe au lait, and having leisure time on the laptop. This is new for me!

What's amazing is how I used to do this years ago in college, yet it seems so far in the past.

I sit here and smell the aromas of warm chai, coffee, and pastries. Nearby, two ladies are having an enchanting and upbeat conversation as their cellphones go off every now and then (they just push the silent button so as to not interrupt their lovely chat). Traffic flows by intermittently on the two-lane, old-town street outside. A ceramic lamp sits glowing nearby with its slightly crooked lampshade.

I like this change...Snnniiiifffff (big inhale)...I love the smell of chai.

Where to next, God?

Enjoy the "Change" that God has given you.

Now I shall do what I was supposed to do; make my grocery list (smile).



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Joanna Beth Holbrook said...

Yes, change is amazingly fun! Tim and I just enjoy not having all the pressure and responsibility of caring for 9 children day after day after day for all those years......We can now even get out and take business/pleasure trips downstate and not even THINK about how our grown children are faring! Although, of course, they are often on our hearts and minds in prayer;)