Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Big Waters!

My husband's grandfather turned 96 the other day, and we were blessed to be able to spend it with him, his wife, Aunt Cathy, Cousin Kelly, and Cousin Riley.

Our children refer to Grandpa as "Grandpa 'Big Waters" due to the fact that Grandpa and Grandma used to reside along the shores of the "big waters" of Lake Michigan. Grandma is known as "Grandma 'Big Waters."

The funniest moment occurred when Aunt Cathy took a photo of Grandma and Grandpa together. She asked Grandpa to smile. It took him a little work, but suddenly his face burst out with the most delightful smile. We all broke out into joyous laughter at the sight of Grandpa displaying a smile that took him a bit of work.
It is comforting to know that Grandpa and Grandma Big Waters are able to be together in a nice, assisted-living environment. We are also amazed to observe Cousin Kelly help attend to their needs. She always seems to know just what they want...sometimes even before they ask. Kelly is an example of a dear heart who cares deeply and with much love. We can visibly see Grandma's delight at having Kelly there.
If we could all do this for one another, especially for those who really need the help, not only would those being served be blessed, but those who do the serving as well. There is something about caring and serving others. Jesus said if we held onto our lives, we would lose them; yet if we let go of our lives (an example would be service to others) for His sake, we would keep them.
I like that so much. I pray for a servant's heart and that my children would also desire to serve others as well.
When we visit Grandma and Grandpa Big Waters, it is evident that they and the other residents at the assisted-living home, depend on others for daily care, comfort, and survival. It is very humbling for me to be there, witnessing personnel feeding, wiping mouths, and aiding the old and infirmed human beings who live there. I never leave without having something to pray or think about.
Caught On Camera

In the above photos, I am scolding someone...but whom? As you can see, Sam is around the corner looking like he wants to do something shocking. It is likely that I am saying, "Sam, you better watch your back, mister."
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